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A Complete Guide to Replacing Your AC Filter

A considerable number of homes have AC systems installed. Proper maintenance of your AC system will make function efficiently and you will not be spending a lot of money on this service. The functionality of an AC system depends on how clean the filters are so you need to know what it takes to replace them. All the dirt in your home gets to the filter making it dirty. Anyone can replace an AC system and by the time you will complete it, you will realize that it is as easy as it sounds. The steps in the discussion below should guide you when replacing your AC filter.

The first step is finding where the filter is located. Depending on the structural design of your house, you may find it at the basement Those who live in apartments may find the filters at the utility room. When it comes to filtering return air in an ac, you have two options. You can have it inside or near the AC unit and this means that you will replace it on the AC unit. The return air vent can also be near your thermostat.

Before you buy an AC filter, find time to do your due diligence so that you can be the right product. Since they come in different sizes and shapes, check out if there is printed information on the product. You can find more info. about different filters from an online source. An ideal place is one that focuses on selling filters so you can know more about the qualities and prices. If you buy extra filters, you will reduce going to the store every time and it is even more convenient. Different people change filters after different durations based on things like the environment.

Although you may have to use pliers, sometimes you can just open the vent with your fingers. Once you loosen the fastener, the cover/vent should open. While some are easy and only requires that you lift a gate, other systems will require that you use this device. It is a mistake to start the job without having the right tools. Now that you have access to the filter, check for signs that it needs replacement. When removing the filter, you can either expect it to come towards you or parallel to you depending on the vent.

To avoid impeding airflow into your AC unit, ensure that the arrows face the wall. If you give the filter a good nudge, it will be well seated and you can now replace the vent. If you want to discover more about AC systems and maintenance tips, visit this site.

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